JJN Worldwide General Trading LLC., is the exclusive importer and sole master distributor of Alphanetworld Corporation of the Philippines, also known as and operating under the trade name NWORLD. Alphanetworld Corporation has expanded its business to sixteen (16) company–owned stores and developed eighteen (18) FDA registered products under four brands namely, NLIGHTEN, NHANCE, NCHANT,and NBODY in its two years of phenomenal success in the Philippine Multi-level marketing industry.

NWORLD is in the business of research, development, acquisition of patents and licenses on prominent products and merchandise of any kind such as, but not limited to drugs, foods, food and health supplements, pharmaceuticals and skin care items. NWORLD is also engaged in the importation, exportation, marketing and trading of premium health and beauty products, using a distinctive product distribution through direct selling system.

Launching its business with an initial paid up capital of One Hundred Million Pesos (P100,000,000) and an increase of Two Hundred Million Pesos (P200,000,000) capitalization, making a total of Three Hundred Million Pesos (P300,000,000) market capitalization is just one of NWORLD’s ways of showing its full commitment to deliver what customers can only expect from a fully established and well capitalized entities: veteran management team, world-class and FDA registered product lines, strategically situated branches to support its distributors, generous sales and distribution payout system, rewarding incentive program and the unique in its class, choose your own product package content.

NWORLD was created to bring a high level of excitement and satisfaction to customers while being a pro-distributor company. This intricate balance of perspective and goal was achieved with the help and guidance of a dynamic board of directors and proficient management team. At the helm of the company is one of its founders, Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, an MLM innovator, a seasoned executive, and a savvy businessman.

The future is bright for NWORLD! It has captured the Philippine market by storm and is gearing towards the global market. Indeed, the era of NWORLD has arrived.

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We envision of becoming one of the leading direct sales companies in Asia by 2018 by creating unparalleled opportunities for its distributors through a dynamic, systematic and innovative distribution of products while giving back to the government and society a fair share of its revenue.


We run our business through governance with high moral values, sound corporate practices and application of relevant direct selling business management and expertise by using a 5-Point Corporate Mission.

5-Point Corporate Mission

To provide world-class and value-for-money products with optimum quality and efficacy.
To let them enjoy the financial rewards of our innovative, dynamic, sustainable, and profitable business opportunity while honing them to become an Ntrepreneur.
To provide profitable, sustainable and stable business model that will bring dignity and goodwill to them and their investment in this company.
To give back to the community a share of our financial rewards through a genuine and relevant Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.
To be a partner of the government in its nation building by being an advocate of lawful business practices.

R espect

I ntegrity

G ratitude

H onor

T ransparency

E xcellence

O utstanding

U nwavering

S ignificance

founder's message

Hello Ntrepreneurs!

I stumbled upon MLM or famously known as multi level marketing or network marketing opportunity more than 15 years ago. I saw how this great opportunity affords people, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status and educational background, a fair and promising means to make their lives better. I took the leap of faith and soon found myself engross with this business.

My greatest journey to life was given full color by this exciting industry. I started as an agent; a distributor or member as popularly called by many. I engaged and gave myself to this industry. I focused my energy and passion on my goals. I climbed up the ladder of success to becoming one of the youngest and most decorated top producers of those companies I was engaged with. This industry provided me a great career and eventually, it became my own home. My hard work and dedication paid off. Soon enough, my talent was given further recognition when I was offered a top executive post and to be a co-owner of an MLM company. Being an MLM practitioner, an MLM top executive and an owner at the same time gained me some of the most intensive and comprehensive experiences that brought me success feat both here and abroad. I have managed local and foreign companies in several countries, in different time zones and business setups. Everything in between are events that have either challenged me to outdo myself or are instances that have honed me to be a better person. All these years of experience and exposure to the diversity and different facets of an enterprise made me one of the most seasoned leaders in this business.

The reasonably gratifying wealth I have made and the influence that I wield in this industry came as a bonus. More than these extras, I am thankful for having earned this much learning, experience and most especially, a great number of newly found friends who have dramatically helped me seize my destiny. The day has come when Providence took its course and rewarded me my own MLM company.

A new and exciting chapter of my life has dawned. Together with my co-founders, legion of MLM pillars and networkers par excellence, division and team leaders of NWORLD, we are bound to present to you the greatest MLM company from the Philippines. To the dreamers who make things happen, to the doers who believe that there is more to life, and to the game-changers who will to achieve significance and impact life with a legacy, NWORLD is the company for you.

Welcome to the era of NWORLD!

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Code of Conduct

NWORLD Code of Conduct (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Legal Notice, Distributorship Policy, Code of Ethics, Product Policy) for strict compliance.

nworld-logo Business Orientation

Be always ready for potential customers! Download a PDF copy of the NWORLD Business Orientation and do the business wherever you are! It contains facts about the company and what we offer.

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NWORLD Business Orientation

Our Products

Be ready for on-the-go experiences! NLIGHTEN your everyday adventures with NLIGHTEN product line!


NWORLD’s downloadable materials for Ntrepreneurs (Distributor’s Application Form, Product Brochure, NWORLD Business Orientation, Product Package Order Form, NBO Leaflet, Product Price List, NWORLD Products and branches).

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NWORLD current events, relevant information, and entertainment.

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Watch these amazing videos and get inspirations and information from the latest happenings!

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Indulge in all the flavorful moments of NWORLD! Check these great photos that will take you back to those wonderful times!

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NWORLD headquarters and contact details per concerns


Unit 105 & 106 Centurion Star Tower Building B, Port Saeed Rd., Deira District, Dubai, U.A.E. P.O. Box 33354