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NWORLD Nigeria is an international subsidiary of Alphanetworld Corporation of the Philippines, operating under the trade name NWORLD. Alphanetworld Corporation has expanded its business to 16 strategically situated company-owned administrative and distribution branches and 29 retail stores nationwide to bring services and products, under five brands namely, NLIGHTEN, NHANCE, NCHĀNT, NBODY and NEW, to a larger customer base.

NWORLD is engaged in the research, development, marketing, trading, and acquisition of patents and licenses for products within the range of skin care, personal care, health supplements and pharmaceuticals. It uses a distinctive product wholesale and retail distribution, direct selling system. At the helm of the company is one of its founders, Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, an MLM innovator, a seasoned executive, and a savvy businessman.

In its second year of phenomenal success, NWORLD opened its first international distribution company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with license Agreement to NWORLD Philippines. It is operated and managed by JJN Worldwide General Trading LLC Dubai, UAE. Alphanetworld Corporation's more than one hundred million U.S. dollars ($100,000,000) sales as of 2018 only shows that this company is definitely poised to become a global giant and a pride to the Philippines.

The combined efforts of the management and its distributors put Alphanetworld Corporation on the 872nd spot in the 2016 Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines, a huge feat for then a one-year-old company. On its second full year, it made a gross revenue of P2.043 billion that put the company for the second time in two years at the 2017 Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines ranking 994th.

The future is bright for NWORLD! It has captured the Philippine market by storm and is gearing towards the global market. Indeed, the era of NWORLD has arrived.


NWORLD: The New Era


We run our business through governance with high moral values, sound corporate practices and application of relevant direct selling business management and expertise by using a 5-Point Corporate Mission.

To provide world-class and value-for-money products with optimum quality and efficacy.
To let them enjoy the financial rewards of our innovative, dynamic, sustainable, and profitable business opportunity while honing them to become an Ntrepreneur.
To provide profitable, sustainable and stable business model that will bring dignity and goodwill to them and their investment in this company.
To give back to the community a share of our financial rewards through a genuine and relevant Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.
To be a partner of the government in its nation building by being an advocate of lawful business practices.


Governance Values

R espect

I ntegrity

G ratitude

H onor

T ransparency

E xcellence

O utstanding

U nwavering

S ignificance

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