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NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream

We have learned to work with and around the sun, utilizing where we need it, and protecting ourselves from it. When the sun is out, it is the perfect opportunity to show others our beautiful, glowing skin, all while protecting and nourishing it from the harsh rays. Stay radiant anytime, anywhere!

NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream provides an instant brightening effect making the skin look healthier and more glowing. The extracts of White Rice and White Milk Protein help maintain an even skin tone by protecting it from dark spots. This cream helps limit the overproduction of melanin, helps reduce the signs of aging, and helps protect from UVA & UVB rays. It works well in conjunction with other NLIGHTEN products such as NLIGHTEN Eye Gel which can be applied before the NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream for double moisturization.

Formulated with White Rice that helps increase the production of collagen to help reduce the signs of aging, helps limit the overproduction of melanin, and acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals; and White Milk Protein that contains Lactoferrin that helps restore and reinforce skin elasticity and softness.

This instant brightening cream is constantly making a significant impact to the Ntrepreneurs who have shared some of their experiences with how its wonders work:

“I was the type of person who cannot go out without makeup. I had a clear skin, yet I was not confident enough as it looks dry and dull, but since I started using NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream as my moisturizer, I noticed that my skin becomes brighter and more glowing. I can now go out even without makeup. Thanks to NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream for a glowing skin that shines through!

Sheenvee Alfaro

“I have used various creams to moisturize my face, but those creams only irritate my skin. Sobrang sensitive ang skin ko especially sa face. Nagkakaroon ng mga butlig or pimples once I use creams for my face, but NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream is different from the others. Aside sa maganda ang effect sa skin ko, it moisturizes my skin and makes it look more glowing without irritation. We are so blessed with NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream.

Pris Hubert Siega

“What I love about NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream is the instant brightening effect and its matte feeling. It helps reduce the melanin production and sign of skin ageing; you get a korean look and hindi messy ilagay. After long hours of business meetings, looking fresh pa rin; smooth pa rin ang skin! No haggard look! Healthy skin na gandang natural with NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream!

Leigh Anne Nagata

“I had dull skin and tried a lot of brands such as high-end, organic, and those from department stores, but NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream is the one that really made an impact after the first week of using. I even made my husband try it! I am hooked and a big fan.

Llevelyn Anne Young

Feel the allure of NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream! Simply put a small amount of cream on your fingers and apply it on your face. Massage gently and evenly.

NLIGHTEN the moment with a healthier and more glowing skin — NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream!

NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream
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