NLIGHTEN Sun-kissed

Summer season is finally here and the summer fun has been already on! Whether you decide to spend your summer on a beach, staycation around the metro, or keep the business running, it’s time to pull out the light clothing in the closet to battle with the scorching heat of the sun. This usually means that we have to wear less articles of clothing to allow the breeze to cool us down. The typical summer wear for men consists of sandos and shorts, and for women: tank tops or loose blouses and shorts or skirts. What do all of these have in common? Well, it’s a bit skin flaunting than what we wear during the rest of the year.

However, despite being cool, it leaves our skin exposed to the harmful environmental elements. This makes it the perfect time to use our NLIGHTEN products which not only work to help lighten our skin, but also help nourish and protect it as well!

Feel and beat the heat and be summer ready with the products that are definitely perfect for the season — NLIGHTEN cosmetic products!

“Our beloved NLIGHTEN Cloud Cream is indeed the amazing skin care you will definitely crave for a sun-kissed skin this summer! Aside from its moisturizing effect, be protected with UV rays that can harm your skin. You still want to look vibrant and glowing so this is the perfect skin care product for you!”

Dennis Bryan Caadan

“Despite being based in Baguio with cool climate, no one escapes from the heat of the summer sun. Good thing I regularly use NLIGHTEN Premium Soap day and night, especially this summer season. I don’t have to worry because my skin moisture is maintained and I feel that soothing effect every time I wash my face with NLIGHTEN Premium Soap.”

Kerbick Tuvera

Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser does not only help cleanse my face, but more importantly, it gives the fresh feeling I badly need specially this summer. This product surely helps me get through the oiliness caused by the scorching heat, and dirty skin caused by the pollution in the city. Every time I apply NLIGHTEN O2 Bubble Cleanser, no matter how hot and what time of the day it is, I immediately get refreshed with its instant effects!”

Ralph Bañares

“Be sleeveless-ready this summer with NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream! It is the ultimate summer must-have to confidently raise those arms and indulge in summer activities while feeling flawless and looking fresh! With NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream, there is no holding back! Do and wear whatever you want!

Gerani Hwang Uno Reika

NLIGHTEN Body Cream is indeed a breakthrough! I always achieve a flawless look with a fine finish on my skin, leaving no extra flaky residues. Its elegant smell gives me confidence as it makes me smell fresh all day! Now that summer is here, I have to worry no more about the sun! Say no to sunblock and other promising creams. NLIGHTEN Body Cream always gives me the protection I need when I go out there and enjoy the beach! Its sunscreen protection guarantees a long lasting effect because it is waterproof!”

Realyn Austria

“Summer is here and I know how hard it is to find a product that can withstand heat, sun, and sweat. When I tried using NLIGHTEN CC Cushion during summer of 2016, I was amazed how it appeared to blend with my skin and adjust to my skin tone without that greasy feeling. Aside from having SPF 50 ++ with UVA/UVB protection which we truly need during this warmest season of the year, it makes my skin look fresh and supple. I totally love it as it makes me feel confident and proud of my skin! It is like no make-up feeling and no need to retouch! Apply it once and you are all good and protected from that harmful rays of the sun. A must-have for a perfect #NoSelfieFilter under the sun! Let your natural glow shine this summer season! No filter, just NLIGHTEN CC Cushion!

Patricia Villanueva

“With summer comes the “fun under the sun” and when it is done, you are left with the icky, sticky feeling on your skin. I thank God for NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya Soap with Glutathione which I use for my face and body! It instantly removes the sticky summer feeling in every wash through its micro-peeling effect and powerful combination of Kojic Acid and Papaya, your skin will be left with a clean, smooth, and silky feeling, and Glutathione that helps increase moisture content so the skin will not feel super dry from all that summer fun!

Rina Ramos-Perez

“It is finally summer! Time to book our flights to the finest places in the world, put on our swim wears and dive into the water. Filipinos originally have tan skin and do not want to get darker so they certainly buy bottles of sunblock and put everything in the body. That is why NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser is best to use this season. No worries about uneven skin tone, dry skin, and what might happen when you spend your day under the sun! NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser will definitely leave your skin as light and luminous as ever!

Marycel Sato

“What is summer without all that fun under the sun? With NLIGHTEN Eye Gel, you do not only get a dewy, fresh complexion to complete your #summerlook, you can also rest assured those endless beach getaways and pool parties will not scar you with too many wrinkles for the rest of your life!

Ktin Pama-Gutierrez

Savor the season! Be confident with your skin this summer! Be confident that it is protected and nourished not only during this summer, but in all seasons by your favorite, wonderful NLIGHTEN skin care products!

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