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NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser

Our skin is the largest and most sensitive organ and it protects us from all the harmful elements that we are exposed to everyday by shielding us. Being our hardy, yet delicate front line of defense, we should always remember to take care of our skin — especially on our face which we would want to show with pride and confidence. Our face needs extra attention when it comes to skincare, which is why NWORLD has the perfect solution for you!

NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser helps attain a clear and even skin tone by removing residual grimes and balancing skin's pH level. Its purifying properties help stimulate skin's natural processes and help refine pores for a finer complexion. More importantly, NLIGHTEN's multi-lightening complex helps inhibits melanin formation.

NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser is formulated with Creeping Saxifrage that helps lighten the skin and minimize the appearance of pores, Moutan Peony that helps lighten and protect the skin, and Skullcap that helps reduce the signs of aging.

Here are commendations from Ntrepreneurs on NLIGHTENing people’s lives with the help of NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser:

“Everyone wants to have a clean, healthy, and blemish-free face. Even if you travel and stay in air conditioned rooms, pollution is everywhere. Dust and dirt is pretty common in our country. I am grateful of NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser. I use it right after I wash my face with O2 Bubble Cleanser. It gives the deeper cleanse I need, keeps my face blemish free, and I notice that my pores are tighter now. It is definitely the perfect cleansing duo! I make sure to use them before I sleep as real man takes care of his skin! NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser gives me the freshness, confidence, and the pogi points I need!”

Angelo Galang

NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser helps me lighten dark spots in my face as a result of pimple and chicken pox. It definitely made my whole face lighten up. I use it twice a day: morning and night. Aside from its fragrance, I enjoy applying it kasi malamig at hindi mahapdi sa balat.”

Dimple Melchor

“Because of NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser, nawala yung dark spots sa face ko and it helps lessen yung pagiging oily ng skin ko. Best partnered with NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya Soap, O2 Bubble Cleanser, and Cloud Cream — mas nagmumukhang gwapo!”

Richard Joel Sarmiento I

NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser helps wipe off the leftover dirt and makeup on my face, leaving my skin soft and smooth. With NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser that helps refine pores, brighten and smoothen the texture of my face, I now have a well-maintained skin. Having porcelain-like skin is how I describe it. My daily regimen is not complete without it.”

Tricia Rivka Garcia

Remove the impurities and be flawlessly fair simply by squeezing a small amount of NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser into a piece of cotton. Gently apply it on the face and neck. Use at morning and night for best results.

NLIGHTEN Facial Cleanser
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