NHANCE Your Children’s Future!


Concerned about your children not getting enough nutrients? Like many parents, you may be worried that your children are not getting enough nutrients from food — especially if you have a picky eater. Is a multivitamin supplement the answer? NWORLD is here to help nurture your children for a better future with its NHANCE product line!

A great number of children love to eat processed foods which tend to be unhealthy rather than consuming enough fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods. NWORLD is with you in giving your kids the right nutrients they need with one of its finest products specially made for kids — NHANCE MemoGro!

NHANCE MemoGro is a multivitamin syrup for kids thoroughly formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of children, especially during periods of increased physical activity, rapid physical growth, and more active mental development. NHANCE MemoGro is a premier dietary supplement that carries key nutrients such as Vitamin D3 for strong bones, Taurine that helps develop children's cognitive function, and Chlorella Growth Factor to help promote growth.

NHANCE MemoGro also contains Lutein which helps improve and maintain eye health. Eye health and clarity is very important, especially for growing children.

Here are some testimonials from pleased parents who have taken their children’s nutrition to the next level:

League of Masters awardee, Neffrie Bonnevie, shared her kids’ experience with NHANCE MemoGro,

“I am amazed with NHANCE MemoGro and the benefits my kids get from it. It is almost like magic to me as my eight-year-old son is quite a slow learner. His grades were always quite mediocre and he required tutorial sessions, but I have witnessed a dramatic change when he started taking NHANCE MemoGro since it was launched. He started to get perfect scores in his exams and you could really feel his enthusiasm in school. Just last year, he was struggling with reading, but now even his teachers noticed the huge change in him. My kids now have a healthier appetite and also sleep sounder. They became fast learners and most importantly, they seldom get sick. Thank you NWORLD for NHANCE MemoGro and for consistently making beautiful changes in our lives!”

Krishan Adriano, League of Masters awardee also said,

NHANCE MemoGro is part of my super kulit kids' everyday life. It helps their physical growth and sharpens their minds as they can memorize all the songs from the cartoon movies they watch.“

League of Grandmasters awardee, Roberto Jorge Jr. together with his wife, AC Jorge added,

“Our daughter used to be thin and petite for her age, but whenever people see her now, they usually ask what her vitamins is as they see her super healthy and taller compared to other kids her age. Also, I used to have a hard time giving her vitamins, but not with NHANCE MemoGro. She likes it very much because of its flavor and sometimes even ask for more.”

Recommended use for one to six years old is 2.5mL to 5.0 mL (½ tsp to 1 tsp.) once a day; and for seven to twelve years, 5.0 mL to 10 mL (1 tsp. to 2 tsps.) once a day. Its yummy orange flavor will surely make it something that your kids look forward to.

Like parents, NWORLD believes that in nurturing the seeds of tomorrow, we are shaping the future itself. NWORLD is made to give only the best and it is also the parents’ duty to make sure that their kids get only the best. Give them a head start for their future with strong and healthy, growing mind and body. Give them NHANCE MemoGro! - Alphanetworld Corporation

NHANCE MemoGro is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.