It is the season of love which we share with our families and loved ones. As your NWORLD family, we are grateful for the love and support you have shown to us and we will continue to reciprocate this to our fullest.

But how did it all start? What made people love NWORLD in the first place? What better way to know than to ask you guys ourselves! Here are the answers of a couple of Ntrepreneurs:

Mr. Nathaniel Fritz Gutierrez, League of Masters awardee, related NWORLD to love. He said, “Sabi nila walang forever, pero sa NWORLD may forever. Nung nalaman ko yung NWORLD, it was a resemblance of love. The moment you set your eyes on someone, you don’t just look at the outside, but what is inside as well and that is what made me in love with NWORLD.”

To connect NWORLD with love as well, Mr. Paul Joshua Manlangit, League of Masters awardee uttered, “What I love about NWORLD is that laging may bago. It always feels exciting like the first time.”

Mr. Krishan Adriano, League of Masters awardee, voiced out his love for NWORLD and said, “I am in love with NWORLD because I get to do business everyday with the person I love the most, my wife. Everyday is NWORLD day and everyday is Valentine’s Day.”

The Valentine spirit is also felt in NWORLD as we observed a couple presenting the business to clients; Mr. Diosdado Tarrosa, League of Masters awardee, together with his wife Ms. Ruby Tarrosa, “We love NWORLD products. We use it, we share it, and we sell it so we earn money at the same time. President Juluis Allan G. Nolasco and Ms. Josarah L. Nolasco had the products made with love. It reflects their love for the Ntrepreneurs. May puso.

Ms. Libeth Gonzales, League of Grandmasters awardee, expressed her love for NWORLD, “I found myself in love with NWORLD because it brought out the best in me — things I never thought I could do and the woman I could not imagine I would become. NWORLD is built to last and I hope we Ntrepreneurs are as well.”

Put into words how in love she is with NWORLD, Ms. Gretchelle Dineros, 2016’s Top 14 Performer stated, “I love NWORLD because it literally makes my world go round. I feel incomplete and uneasy whenever I am not able to do it on a daily basis. More than that, I feel in love whenever I share this opportunity to everyone because I believe NWORLD is heaven-sent and it’s an answered prayer for all Ntrepreneurs committed to their goals and dreams — for themselves and for their families.”

Ms. Kathline Mier Mapandi, League of Masters awardee, shared her insights as well, “I Love NWORLD as a whole; the BEST products, a GREAT culture, and the BEST system, but above all, its integrity and transparency.”

League of Masters awardee, Ms. Jarlet Guasa’s answer was “Pinakita niya sa akin ang future, yung magandang future. At ramdam na ramdam ko na mahal niya ako, so I choose to love NWORLD back even more.”

Adding her appreciation to the company was Ms. Evelyn P. De Andres, League of Masters awardee, “NWORLD is my daily habit, I sell from morning until evening. Everything about our business is so adorable, from products to marketing plan, management team to Ntrepreneurs! Just like a man of every woman's DREAM, I can definitely say that this is THE COMPANY of every Multi-Level Marketer's DREAM! I LOVE YOU NWORLD!

Ntrepreneurs love NWORLD for its great attributes as well as bringing endless opportunities and surprises as a way to give back to the love of our Ntrepreneurs, whether in this season of love or in any other time of the year.

How about you, our beloved Ntrepreneur reader? What made you fall in love with NWORLD?

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