Products Speak Louder than Words

A great percentage of society regards MLM as relatively linked to pure recruitment when it is only a prevalent misconception surrounding the industry as a result of previous MLM companies’ approach. Recruitment is not wrong in the industry, but ideally, the marketing of products should be the lifeblood of the company. NWORLD aspires to revolutionize this mindset by showing them the upright and dignified way of doing the MLM business.

Some MLM companies prefer showcasing the individual success of their distributors rather than the success of their products. One of the possible reasons behind this is that their product lines might not be up to par with their competitors’ products and thus lacks the ability to gather brand loyalty. We do not consider it as improper, but we believe that there is a better approach.

MLM, by definition, is a trading industry working with specialized range of products to deliver to its distributors and consumers. One creates profit by selling products, not by mere recruitment of new distributors. This is where MLM companies should be geared towards – products speaking for the company itself, pool of distributors increasing due to products’ success, and recruitment as a result of the company’s products gaining its market’s confidence. Recruitment, in a deeper thought, should only be one of the means to increase the reach of the products’ visibility in the market, and not as a goal in itself.

In NWORLD, once a customer enjoys a certain product, the fundamental purpose of selling is served; i.e. customer satisfaction. We value the concept of “moral obligation” - we do not require people to join, it is the choice of the customers if they want to be part of the program. In NWORLD, we ensure that our customers always have the freewill to decide on becoming an Ntrepreneur. A customer may sign up in the program to avail the products at a discounted price for personal consumption without being compelled to recruit.

“Be the product of your product”

Distributors should be well-versed regarding their products, especially to the discerning customer. What better way to show their confidence on what they sell than showing the effects of their products on themselves? If one speaks confidently from personal experience, then customers will readily regard the distributor as one who walks the talk

Good products draw in attention; they stir the curiosity of the people. If people become curious about a product, they tend to buy the product themselves in order to test out what all the hullabaloo is all about. This phase is where NWORLD makes its mark. We will be remembered as a company that delivers its commitment – quality products with great effectiveness. We take pride in our carefully formulated product lines which utilizes all-natural ingredients.

NLIGHTEN & NHANCE products prove the company’s standards and quality. They are cultivating a massive loyalty amongst its users – both distributors and customers. In NWORLD, we translate such loyalty into several ways:

● Patronization of other products of the brand

    ● Product loyalty can turn into brand loyalty because of the customers’ confidence in the brand due to the effective product or products.

● Advertising via word of mouth

    ● People tend to recommend their newly discovered products especially if they are effective.

● Potential recruitment of new distributors

    ● If one becomes loyal to a product, they would want to share this product with others. With this realization, they could become interested in becoming distributors themselves because not only are they sharing their products with others, but they can also potentially gain earnings from doing so.

Our products speak for themselves and will be the grounds where recruitment is no longer necessary as people themselves will be urged to purchase our products and be part of NWORLD community as a result of the quality products and the revolutionized and dignified approach to MLM opportunity.

Alphanetworld Corporation