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NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream

Sometimes, we tend to hide what we think are unpleasant. Over the years, darkened underarms is an issue tackled by a lot of people. It has cost some people their confidence to wear different types of clothes or do certain activities. Be confident in whatever you wear during whatever activity with NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream!

NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream promotes an instant brightening effect and through its special actives, it helps maintain a soft, healthy underarm and effectively helps in reducing dark spots and other visible hyperpigmentation.

This gentle underarm cream is formulated with ten powerful botanical ingredients such as Pomegranate which helps regenerate skin cells, helps prevent sun damage, helps boost the skin’s production of built-in antioxidants, and helps smoothen the skin; Green Tea which has antioxidant properties that help protect the skin from environmental damages; Mulberry which has powerful antioxidant properties and contains Arbutin that helps in skin lightening; Ginkgo which helps protect the skin from sun damage and helps reduce the signs of photodamaged skin; Houttuynia Cordata which has bioactive compounds that help lighten dark spots; Fig which helps minimize the appearance of skin pores; Star Lily which helps minimize dark spots; Blueberry which has antioxidant properties that helps reduce the signs of aging; Shea Butter which has superior moisturizing and skin conditioning agents that helps prevent itchiness and dryness; and Black Rice which contains Anthocyanin antioxidants that helps protect the skin from free radical damages.

Here are Ntrepreneurs who have expressed their gratitude and revealed their stories and experiences with NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream:

“I used to have beautiful underarms until I gave birth to my first baby. My underarms got darker due to skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It upsets me to see how dark and unsightly it has become. Sadly, as a breastfeeding mom, I was not allowed to undergo any kind of treatment. I became conscious raising my hands high in public. I had the fear of showing my dark underarms. I tried using various underarm creams, even to the extent of using whitening deodorants. To my dismay, those products only caused my underarms even darker. It is maybe the result of harsh chemicals that are present in some beauty products available nowadays. It was during this journey that I discovered NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream — a natural, gentle, and effective product that helped my underarms become smoother, fairer, brighter, and more beautiful. Thank you NWORLD for this amazing product. I got my flawless underarms back even during my second pregnancy. It provides fast results and very easy to apply. I don’t have to go and spend much on expensive treatments to get the flawless underarms I want.

Sharlien Ngan-Liao

“I apply NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream every night after shower. I use it all over my underarms and it is probably the best underarm cream I have tried. After a week, my underarms became smoother and chicken skin got a lot less visible. I have not found any products, no matter how cheap or expensive, that truly delivered good value for money. Thank you so much NWORLD for NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream and all skin care products that are definitely good for the skin!

Libeth Gonzales

NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream is part of my night regimen. I use it after washing at night before going to bed. I still remember the first time I used it. I took a photo of my underarms before and right after applying it and it really reduced the appearance of chicken skin and it made my underarms look brighter. Since then, it has been part of my routine every night. NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream leaves my underarms smooth. It is non sticky and it gives a feeling of freshness before going to sleep.

Eva Lee

NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream is so amazing. Being pregnant, made my underarm darker because of hormones — naglabasan ang chicken skin. Because I was not allowed to have my underarms be waxed, I shaved and plucked which made it even darker. I was excited to try the NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream so after giving birth, I started my underarm cream regimen. I apply it sa underarms ko every night and nakakatuwa talaga ang effect. After two months, talagang malaki ang improvement. My underarm skin got brighter and at the same time, it lessens my chicken skin. Sa sobrang saya ko, gumawa ako ng video ng underarms ko to share the amazing effect of NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream. This really gave back my confidence. NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream is my savior!

Jarlet Guasa

Use NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream recommended for daily use every after shower. Gently apply a small amount of product to the entire armpit area and spread well. If you feel moistened, dry out for 30 seconds.

Feel free to move around and wave your hands up anytime, anywhere with NLIGHTEN Underarm Cream!

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