• Go Natural! Nlighten CC Cushion
APRIL 18, 2017

Go Natural!


Take off the shadows of stress and shine with another brilliant NWORLD product — NLIGHTEN CC Cushion!

NLIGHTEN CC (Color Control) Cushion is a revolutionary air cushion technology. This lightweight base makeup helps achieve a flawless coverage and is specially formulated to perform several functions such as to help lighten the skin, help prevent the signs of aging, and serve as sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays through its broad spectrum SPF 50 ++ / PA +++.

NLIGHTEN CC Cushion helps nourish your skin with its superior antioxidants and hydrating properties and also creating a luminous finish by filling the micro lines efficiently.

Natural ingredients with different key benefits makes NLIGHTEN CC Cushion more than just makeup: Skullcap helps reduce the signs of aging, Beeswax that acts as an effective natural humectant which helps lock in skin moisture, Pot Marigold that helps moisturize the skin containing Carotenoids that help protect the skin from environmental toxins, and Mulberry that has powerful antioxidant properties and contains Arbutin that helps in skin whitening.

To attest its efficiency, Ntrepreneurs cheerfully voiced out their admiration for NLIGHTEN CC Cushion:

Jonas Nueva, 2016 Top 2 performer, pointed out his appreciation and said,

NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is a perfect skin protection for a person like me who travels most of the time. It’s SPF 50 ++ content prevents my skin from damage, whether I am engaged in indoor or outdoor activities. I like how it complements my skin color in a manly countenance.”

Contributing her comment, Vi Nueva mentioned,

NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is my ultimate favorite! It gives my face a glowy and dewy effect that lasts a day so there’s no need for retouch like most women do every now and then. It covers skin impurities as well, so you could flaunt that not-so-perfect face without hesitation. Wherever I go, NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is definitely a must in my bag as I feel incomplete without it in my pouch. Swear!”

2016 Top 26 performer, Ricarlyn Galang, mentioned

NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is part of my daily necessities. What I love about it is that it lasts for a few months, despite using it twice a day; before going out and retouch in the evening. It is definitely a must have as it does not only even out my freckles, it also gives protection for it has SPF 50 ++. With NLIGHTEN CC Cushion, I don’t only look fresh, it also makes me feel more confident and empowered — ready to face the day!”

NLIGHTEN CC Cushion is a beauty compact that is genuinely easy to apply by pressing the puff into a sponge and gently pat it onto your face. For touch ups, apply again as desired and for best result, apply to your T-zone first. Perfect for both men and women!

NLIGHTEN your skin and your everyday adventures with the botanical wonders of NLIGHTEN CC Cushion! - Alphanetworld Corporation





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